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Leadership Training

Personal Leadership

Family dynamics can be challenging. Managing those dynamics, even more so. Effective leadership begins with YOU; understanding how your own “attitude” helps or hinders.

Recognizing how to appreciate and cultivate the gifts and talents within your family, inspiring and motivating them to grow and achieve greatness is the heart of genuine leadership.  Living real life is at times difficult.  Real Life Management can help.

 •  Understand your family member’s unique giftedness

 •  Discover a new, more effective way to communicate

 •  Improve family cooperation and mutual trust and respect

Corporate or Leadership Events or Retreats

Leading your organization, whether they be volunteers or employees, is mission critical to the achievement of your goals and success.  Effective leadership can help you craft an powerful “Team” dynamic as you cultivate an environment of cooperation.

 • Understand your own “Leadership” style

 • Improve communication, cooperation and efficiency

 • Get the right people doing the right tasks to enhance profitability

 • Discover a new, more effective way, to inspire, motivate, grow and achieve results.


John Maxwell Leadership Training

As a member of the John Maxwell Team, John also delivers several powerful leadership training modules developed by world-renowned leadership guru, John Maxwell.


 • Leadership Gold

 • Put Your Dream to the Test

 • Becoming a Person of Influence

 • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

 • How to Be a Real Success

 • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Our messages include Leadership, Communication and Growth Training from the John Maxwell as well as Communication, Team Building, Financial, Relational and Personal Health and Wellness messages from Real Life Management.  


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