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Personal, Corporate, Non-Profit, Church, Civic or Community Coaching

Personal coaching can be a valuable “first step” to learning to first lead yourself, discover your strengths and talents, and hone those skills so you can more effectively lead others.

Group coaching can be a platform to take your Team members to the “next level” of personal growth, as they also learn to add value to others on the Team.  

Learning to become a “Transformational Leader” can be life-changing for you, and those you interact with, at home, work, or in your community.

Corporate or Leadership Events

John Maxwell says, “Many communicate, but few connect.”  Corporate or leadership retreats are a powerful way to help Team members not just learn to better communicate, but to connect for a greater purpose.  

Developing the leader within you, and those around you, is valuable to to overall success of any organization.  There are five levels of leadership, and qualities of leadership that, if embraced, can transform how you and your Team  live your lives.  


John Maxwell Leadership

As a member of the John Maxwell Team, John also delivers several powerful corporate coaching sessions based on the curriculum developed by world-renowned leadership guru, John Maxwell.


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